Review by: Graham

This is the first book in the Treasure Hunters Series

It is about a family that lost there Dad in a Storm at Sea.  The book is about the family looking for him.

Along the way, they also decide to look for a shipwreck full of gold and some long lost artifacts


These are the Is It’s and Does It’s of the book (ranked from 1-5):

Is It Scary?  1- Not at all

Is It Sad?   3 – The only sad part is where they lose there dad

Does it have lots of Adventure?  5 – Yes!  If its called Treasure Hunter it has to have adventure

Does it have a Good Moral?   3 – It sort of has a good moral

Does it have Mean Characters?  4 – Yes but not very many

Does it have a Complicated Story?   1 – No it does not have a complicated story