Review by: Bennett

I love all books by John Flanagan. In fact, my two favorite series are by him.

1. The Ranger’s Apprentice.

2. The Brotherband Chronicles.

I would recommend these series to any kid interested in adventure and fantasy. This book is very interesting because young Hal is a kid who grew up around the sea in the fantasy world of Skandia. When Hal was young, he built his very own first ship. It was an unusual ship, a triangular sail. Hal goes to a place where all young Skandians go. Hal then gets voted to be captain by his crew. He and his crew then lose something very important to all Skandians. Hal and his crew chases the person who stole it…

These are the Is It’s and Does It’s of the book (ranked from 1-5):

Is It Scary? 2- Kinda scary in parts

Is It Sad? 1- Not sad at all

Does it have lots of Adventure? 5- Full of adventure

Does it have a Good Moral? 4- Pretty much

Does it have Mean Characters? 3- Yes

Does it have a Complicated Story? 3- Sort of complicated

This book would be interesting for most 4th graders and above.